The perfect snack….Roasted chickpeas!    

On Saturday night and me and my husband were watching a film and all I can think about was crisps and popcorn!

The following day I was making lunch and saw in my cupboard a tin of chickpeas! I had heard about roasting and flavouring these before and thought why not give it go.

Be warned these are delicious and very moorish! But the great thing about chickpeas is they are a legume and are packed full of protein and fibre! These are a great alternative to crisps and by adding your own ingredients gives people full control over the calorie content.

With only 15g of carbs per 100g this is a great low carb snack!

I have created two recipes which are equally tasty.
Smokey, sweet and spicy-

2 x Cans of chickpeas

1 x tsp of Cumin

2 x tbsp of Smoked Paprika

1/2 x tsp of Cayenne pepper

1 x tsp Honey

Salt and pepper

1 x tbsp of Olive oil

Garlic & Parmesan-

2 x Cans of chickpeas

2 x dessert spoons of finely grated parmesan

1 x tsp of garlic powder

1 x tbsp of olive oil



Heat your oven to 180-200 degrees.

Drain the chickpeas and lay them on kitchen towel to remove the excess moisture. Use a seperate piece of towel to rub the chickpeas to make sure all the moisture is removed.

Leave for 15 minutes to dry out.

Meanwhile you can make the seasoning of your choice above in a bowl.

Line a baking tray with a greaseproof paper and place the chickpeas on the tray.

Roast in the oven for 40 mins, turn the chickpeas every 10 mins by shaking the tray. This will help to make the chickpeas crispy.

I would check them after 30 minutes as they can burn easily if your oven is too hot.

They want to be a golden colour, I tested them by trying one. If they are done they should be slightly crispy.

Once cooked tip the chickpeas into the bowl of seasoning and mix to coat the chickpeas evenly.

Store in an air tight container or eat immediatley like we did. 😉

A super fast, healthy creamy mushroom sauce!

A delicious healthy, creamy mushroom sauce to accompany a steak, pork chops, or stir into courgetti or pasta.

Wow dinner guests with a sauce that tastes like it should be really naughty!

This can be ready in under 15 minutes meaning more time to socialise, chill or go to the gym.

I use Yeo Valley low fat creme fraiche in this recipe as this is a great alternative to cream! You still have the creamy texture but minus the extra calories. I have also tried total yogurt and quark which were also nice but I found the crème fraiche better as it didn’t seperate.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can add or takeaway ingredients to cater for anyone’s pallet. However don’t remove the sherry as this adds a depth of flavour to the sauce and I highly recommend using it.

A dry sherry is what I have used (see photo above).

Give it a go! I really hope you enjoy.

Ingredients– Serves 2-4.

8 x Medium sized button mushrooms.

1 x Shallot or small white onion diced

1 x Small garlic clove or garlic powder

150g x Yeo Valley low fat creme fraiche.

Splash of sherry (optional)

1 x tsp of parsely

Salt & Pepper

Rapeseed oil


Chop the mushrooms into thin slices

Finely chop the shallot or onion and garlic.

Pop a frying pan onto medium heat and add some rapeseed oil.

Add the mushrooms, shallot and garlic and gently saute for 4-5 minutes stirring occasionally. If the onion starts to brown turn the heat down so it doesn’t burn the onion and garlic.

Add the sherry this should make the pan sizzle! This is normal, keep stirring for a minute to allow the alcohol to burn off.

Turn down the heat slightly add the creme fraiche and parsley, season with salt and pepper and stir again.

Serve the sauce immediatley with your choice of meat and vegetables.

If your not serving immediatley then don’t add the creme fraiche until you are ready to serve. 

When you are ready warm the mixure through on a low heat and add the creme fraiche. Stir for a minute or two and serve.

Let me know what you think….

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Healthy eating on a budget

I want to show people that eating healthy doesn’t have to cost the earth!    

We can all do this on any budget, however in a survey from Which? found that 29% of shoppers find it difficult to eat healthily as they think healthier food is more expensive than less healthy food. 

This was the top reason given for not eating more healthily. 

Quite scary isn’t it?! 

So i thought id put together some tips that will help and demonstrates that we can eat healthier and not spend a fortune.

1)Plan meals for the week- This stops over spend at the supermarket and will enable us to take control of what we eat for the week. We all buy too much from time to time and end up throwing stuff away if not used.

2)Meat & Fish- Go to a local butchers and order chicken breasts in bulk. These are cheaper than the supermarkets and cost roughly £1 per breast. Freeze them and defrost when needed. 

A butcher should also be able to do good deals on other cuts of meats and provide advice around cheaper options like beef shin. 

Supermarkets are now offering lean cuts of meat at good prices so shop around for good offers.

Freash fish can be expensive however opting for sustainable sources like pollock or basa are significantly cheaper. Salmon tail is also a great option and tastes just as nice as a fillet. 

There are also some excellent online retailers offering fantastic ranges of meat and fish at competitive prices. Muscle food and Live lean UK are both online retailers offering an excellent range at good prices.

2)Frozen fruit and vegetables- Believe it or not frozen vegetables can actually be heathier than fresh due to being frozen once picked. Same goes for fruit, frozen blueberries and strawberries and mango are all available in most supermarkets. It is cheaper overall and also prevents waste. 

Or grow your own! This does take some time and effort but the reward is worth it. 

3)Make your own sauces- Can’s of chopped tomatoes and passata cost as little as 35p vs a jar of sauce roughly around £1.50-£2. The branded jars are full of preservatives,salt and sugar and are not required in a fresh homemade sauce which actually tastes a lot better.

4)Cupboard essentials- Stock up on these like herbs,spices, rice vinegar,soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce to make your own rubs and sauces for meat and stir frys.

5)Stock- If you buy a cooked chicken don’t throw the carcas away! Simmer in water with some onion and herbs to make a stock that you can freeze and use in sauces or stir frys. I use freezer bags to make individual portions for meals.

6)Legumes- Bulk out your meals with beans such as kidney or butter beans,chickpeas or lentils. These are packed full of protein and fibre and very cheap to buy.

6)Breakfasts- Instead of buying highly processed cereals costing £2-3 per box try making your own. Use oats as a base then add seeds, nuts and dried rasins,apricots or cherries for sweetness if required. Cocoa powder or choc chips for a chocolate fix and flaxseed or chia seeds for good fats. 

Buying these ingredients may cost more initially however once you have mixed together and stored in an air tight container you will save money long term.

Or if you don’t want to make one, have porridge instead of cereal. A box will last roughly 30 days if you have a 30g serving per day.

7)Make your own lunches- I save so much money taking my own to work. You could save up to £2000 a year!

8)Make snacks- Instead of buying cereal bars and chocolate. If you would like some healthy recipes ideas for these please comment below.

9) Enjoy chips? Save money and make homemade wedges instead. These are  healthier, tastier and more nutrious than the frozen varieties and you can even freeze them! 

10) Check out- My other blog post on planning and how to prepare meals in advance saving you to time and money.

I hope this is useful? If anyone else has any tips please feel free to comment love to hear from you all.
Thank you taking the time to read my post.

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Protein shakes!

The market is flooded with them, big brands offering lots of different products but do we actually need them??

Some may argue but I believe protein shakes are a cheap, simple and convenient way of adding more protein to our diets. 

I wouldn’t suggest replacing a meal with a shake…however they are an excellent snack for busy people and are essential in my opinion post workout.

However the busy and confusing market place often makes it very difficult for consumers to identify a good product that is good value for money and isn’t riddled with sugar.

If your looking to invest in a protein shake here are my tips on helping you find a good protein shake to meet your needs.

1. Check the ingredients before you buy. If it doesn’t have protein as its number one ingredient or more than 10g of protein per 30g serving then I would suggest not buying it.

2. Don’t buy anything diet! This costs more and often has more sugar and carbs to its counterpart. Its a money making scam. Don’t even be fooled by the green tea extract if thats in the ingredients!

3. What is the protein derived from? Is it whey protein? Soy? Pea? There are lots of excellent sources out there to suit all dietery requirements. 

4. Different flavours have different levels of sugar so opt for low sugar options if you are concerned about sugar intake.

5. Carb content- Some brands (which I will not mention) have a whopping 10-15g of carbs per serving with around 5g of protein! These brands market these products as a protein shake which obviously isn’t the case.

6. Male and female versions of the same product usually have the same ingredients so don’t be fooled by a pink label and a higher price tag. Some protein shakes are targeted at male gainers looking to build large amounts of muscle mass so calorie content could be a lot higher, therefore people should be aware of this when looking to purchase.

7. Isolate protein is the purest protein on the market with over 90% protein which is quickly absorbed by the body. This often doesn’t taste as nice as whey as it isn’t mixed with sugar. However don’t be put off as you can add your own sweetner.

8. Buy a sample before buying a large quantity of any product to see if you like the taste and how it affects your digestion.

9. Don’t just buy a brand based on the people endorsing them! Do your research to identify what is right for you.

10. Protein shakes will not make people fat! Overall calorie intake and lifestyle choices make people fat.

I hope this information has been useful? Take a look at the other posts on my blog giving you lots of healthy eating tips and recipes. 

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The 10 minute fat blaster! 

Got no time to exercise?! These 10 minute workouts will get your heart racing and will leave you burning calories all day. 

No gym required! 

Workout 1-

The stair chaser! 

Perform each exercise once then twice and so on until you reach 10 reps of each exercise without any rest in between. 

Once you reach 10 you can then rest for 1 minute (depending on your fitness level) and do the same in reverse! 


Jumping squat


Press up

So you do the squat, straight into a burpee and then the press up. Repeat these exercises in this order until you reach 10 of each.

Depending on your fitness level this may take longer than 10 minutes. Don’t worry, have a go! The fitter you get the easier they become and you will complete in a shorter time.

Workout 2-

Drill sergeant-

Perform each exercise with no rest in between. 

Rest for 30-60 seconds once complete. Repeat 8-10 times.


Star jumps x 25

Jumping squat x 15

Mountain climbers x 10

Please take care when performing these workouts and stretch afterwards.
(Speak to your doctor before performing these exercises if you are injured or have any cardiovascular issues.)

If you want some more exercise tips visit my fitness page!