How many meals a day should I eat?!

Well this is a great question and something I’m often asked.

Are there any benefits to eating more meals??
If you are looking to build muscle there is proven evidence to show that eating regular amounts of protein in a meal helps in this scenario. 

Also, with the volume of food that someone building muscle will need to consume, splitting meals throughout the day will make it a lot easier.

However, if you’re looking to lose weight, eating little and often will not have anymore of an effect vs eating 3 meals a day. 

Increasing meal frequency will not boost your metabolism! (I wish it did though).

There are other benefits to eating regularly and this is something I love to do as it helps me feel fuller for longer and reduces cravings.
As long as you’re not over consuming your daily calorie requirements you will not put on weight.

However I always advise to do what works best for you. 

Find your happy place just as long as you’re achieving your goals in a healthy, sustainable way it doesn’t really matter how regularly you eat.